The Best Relationships From the Original Charmed

Why were there so many people obsessed with Charmed in the 90s? It was among the long-lasting series of that era. Most people loved it for its plot of witches fighting demons. However, aside from their Wiccan duties, the three women also had personal lives that involved relationships. Through their love interests, viewers saw another side of them where they were vulnerable and human. Some of those relationships lasted, and others didn’t. But all the same, the top 5 relationships in the show are as mentioned below.

Piper and Leo Wyatt

Piper and Leo are unquestionably the best couple in the show. In fact, theirs was the longest romantic relationship. Therefore, it makes sense that showrunners like Brad Kern would ensure these two were the best couple in the show.

Their relationship had drama and chemistry. But what made it even more interesting is that it had an element of Romeo and Juliet romance. Leo was a whitelighter, which made his relationship with Phoebe forbidden. At one point, Piper tried moving on, only for them to get back together and even have a kid.

Paige and Glen

Glen, played by Jesse Woodrow, was introduced to viewers in seasons 4 and 5. He had been friends with Paige since childhood, and occasionally they would date, but nothing serious came out of it. Through this relationship, viewers saw another side of Paige because he was among the first people in her life outside of work. He is also among the first people to know her intimately, even before her sisters. While Glen wasn’t the perfect match, the few times viewers saw their relationship, it was enjoyable.

Phoebe and Coop  

Coop Halliwell is one of those characters who didn’t get much screen time but made an impact in the series. After a few romantic interests, Phoebe finally found her match named Coop, which is short for Cupid. The idea of naming him Cupid was corny but in a cute type of way.

Piper and Dan

While their relationship was short-lived, Piper and Dan made a great pair. In fact, some viewers might say that their relationship made more sense than Piper and Leo’s. After all, Piper always wanted to live a normal life away from magic. Being with a person like Dan would have been a step closer toward that. Unfortunately, that didn’t work, and with good reason, because she was destined for Leo.

Phoebe and Cole

While Phoebe had many love interests, hers with Cole was probably the most interesting. It portrayed a Beauty and the Beast type of relationship and had viewers wishing they would end up together. Unfortunately, Cole Turner was a demon, which made their relationship forbidden. Add to the fact that Cole tried to kill her sisters on multiple occasions. It only made sense for the couple not to end up together. At least the relationship was fun and exciting while it lasted.

While Piper, Paige, Prue, and Phoebe had multiple love interests, some stood out more than others. These five were among the top where viewers were totally invested.

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