Make Your Brand Relevant to the Millennial Generation With Rap Snacks

James Lindsay created Rap Snacks in the 1990s, and the brand is alive and thriving today. It has become the blueprint for brand relevance in the social media age. Follow its lead if you want to make your brand relevant to the millennial generation. This is a great way to make your brand stand out among your competitors.

James Lindsay

James Lindsay started his career on the marketing side of the music industry, co-managing platinum-selling recording artist Meek Mill. His efforts helped Meek connect with corporate America, securing deals with brands like Ciroc and Monster Energy Drink. As the business of rap continued to grow, James Lindsay realized that he had an opportunity to combine his love of snacks and music.

James Lindsay’s passion for hip-hop culture led him to create the Rap Snacks brand. The company collaborates with hip-hop artists and has since become a global brand. James Lindsay has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Cheyney University and previously worked for pharmaceutical company Warner-Lambert and hair care product manufacturer Johnson Products. He utilized his extensive experience in marketing and sales to launch Rap Snacks, Inc., in 1994.

Nicki Minaj

Rap Snacks has announced a new celebrity partnership with the rap star Nicki Minaj. Founded in 1994, Rap Snacks specializes in packaged foods that pay tribute to hip-hop culture. The company has collaborated with numerous artists and musicians, including Snoop Dogg, Migos, Boosie, Romeo Miller, Fabolous, Rick Ross, and Lil Baby.

In a recent press release, Rap Snacks announced a new collaboration with Nicki Minaj to create a chip flavor. The chips, dubbed “Barbie-Que Honey Truffle,” will be available at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores as well as online.

Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty has been having a very successful year. He’s been nominated for two Grammy Awards, nominated for two Billboard Awards, and has appeared in several top-rated films including iSpy with Kyle and BROCCOLI with D.R.A.M. He’s now bringing his celebrity and street cred to snack time by launching his brand of Rap Snacks. His new brand of snacks was announced via an Instagram post. One of the flavors is Hot Cheese Fries, an ode to Yachty’s signature red braids.

This isn’t the first time a rapper has gotten his snack line. Migos first made the snack craze famous with their “Dab of Ranch” song, while Brooklyn rapper Fabolous introduced a New York Deli Cheese flavor. The Lil Yachty line of snacks is set to release new flavors soon.

Meek Mill

Rap Snacks is a company that focuses on rap culture. The Atlanta-based company has partnered with many popular and up-and-coming hip-hop artists to market their snacks. The snacks are packaged uniquely with the artist’s cartoon image on them. The products are also packaged with QR codes and special flavors.

Rap Snacks are sold in supermarkets and convenience stores. They are now available in several states, including Maine, Florida, and the Midwest. They also have a QR code that allows people to receive special messages from hip-hop artists.

Master P

Rap Snacks is a snack food brand from Philadelphia. It was founded in 1994 by Master P with an investment of $40,000 and has enjoyed a quiet rise to prominence. In 2017, the brand received a social media boost after releasing a vegan flavor, Dab Ranch. The company also recently secured a deal with Spencer’s Gift stores. It plans to expand its distribution to over 100,000 stores by the end of the year.

The new deal with Walmart will boost sales and distribution, but there are still challenges ahead for the brand. Miller recently spoke on MSNBC’s “The Beat With Ari” show, saying there is still much misinformation about him that needs to change.

Cheddar BBQ

Cheddar BBQ potato chips are a great way to combine the flavor of BBQ with the distinctive flavor of cheddar cheese. They are a unique flavor combination that is available only from Rap Snacks. If you love potato chips, you will love Snoop Dogg’s new Cheddar BBQ potato chip!

Rap Snacks are a new snack brand that features the names and faces of some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Rappers like Master P, Drake, and Migos have appeared on the packaging and are even a part of the marketing campaign. The snack line is currently sold in over 4,000 Wal-Marts nationwide.

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