How to Play USA Today Sudoku

USA Today Sudoku is a popular puzzle game that has been around since the early 2000s. In this article, we will explore how to play USA Today Sudoku and the benefits it brings for players of all ages.

The Basics of Playing USA Today Sudoku:

There are a few basic rules you need to know in order to successfully complete each level of USA Today Sudoku. These include:

– Fill out every row, column and 3×3 box with numbers from 1-9 without repeating any number within them;

– Each number can only appear once in each row, column or 3×3 box;

– Use logic and deduction skills rather than guessing when solving puzzles;

– Work your way through the levels by starting with easier ones first before progressing onto more difficult ones.

The Benefits of Playing USA Today Sudoku:

Playing USA today sudoku offers many benefits for people who enjoy playing these types of games. Some key advantages include:   

– Improved Problem Solving Skills – By completing different levels on the game, players develop their problem solving abilities as they use logical thinking and deduction skills while trying to solve puzzles.

– Increased Concentration Levels – As players progress through levels on the game, their concentration improves as they focus solely on finding solutions for each puzzle instead of being distracted by other things going on around them.

– Fun Way To Spend Time – The game provides an enjoyable way for people to spend time alone or with friends/family members as they work together towards completing challenging puzzles!


Overall, playing USA Today Sudoku is an entertaining activity that helps improve problem solving skills and increases concentration levels at the same time! It’s also great fun spending quality time with family or friends while working together towards completing various challenges presented throughout each level!

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